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Zombies are normally bots, but basic zombies can be controlled by players.

Player ZombiesEdit

Players Zombies play the similarly to the normal players, but the jump is replaced with a dash, the player can not pick up weapons, the only weapon they can use a player zombie exclusive melee weapon, also as Zombies get exclusive abilities in infection mode.

Zombie BotsEdit

Zombie bots make up the bulk of the zombies and come in many forms, they can be summoned by a Zombie Player in Infection Mode, and will spawn in Zombie Deathmatch.

Name Description Health Damage
  Zombie A normal zombie. 40 N/A
  Stronger Zombie Spits damaging projectiles. 50 N/A
  Crawler Runs at players then explodes. 30 N/A
  Dark Zombie 80 N/A